Architects Technoconsult (AT) is a vibrant, creative and dynamic collaboration of Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planners, Engineers, CAD Operators, 3D Visualizer and BIM Modelerswho believes that Architecture / Interior Designing is a practice of optimism. Our company was established in the year 1987 having offices in three different Indian cities which are at Delhi NCR (Noida), Aligarh and Roorkee. We are delivering successful projects all through India and abroad (i.e., USA, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Libya) for Architectural / Interior DesigningandDetailed Design Development Services in various domains of versatile projects such as Residential, Commercial, Government & Public Buildings, Hospitality, Institutional, Health Care Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Transportation Facilities, and Industrial Architecture; Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Design and Interior Design. The team possess in-depth knowledge of this discipline makes us one of the emerging names in the field of "2D and 3D outsourcing services"for Architectural / Interior Designs, BIM & 3D Modeling, Structural & MEP Engineering Designs, and CAD Drafting. Our team consist of highly talented, professionally qualified and experienced Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Project Managers, CAD / Revit Draftsmen, BIM Manager, 3D Visualizer and Graphic Designer. At Architects Technoconsult(AT), we have a large pool of knowledge in the fields of conceptual designs / space planning, presentation drawings,construction detailing, technical architecture, interior designing,integration of building services into architectural designs, and preparation of construction drawings. We have decided to make these architectural outsourcing services available to people in need of them. We are NOT a "draftsman-for-hire" body shop. As an architectural / interior design firm with live projects across a range of sectors, we are in a continuous drive to learn and update our knowledge to remain close to the cutting edge of architectural / interior design and construction technology

Our Vision

At Architects Technoconsult(AT), we aspire to be premier design service provider.

We commit to:

→ Intensely focus towards customers to attain their categorical requirements.
→ Deliver economical yet efficient, competent and innovative services.
→ Adhere to the global standardsof Professionalism and Conduct.
→ Highly focused to Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Our Strength

Our members comes from diverse professional backgrounds to pool in their share of skills and knowledge.

→ Enthusiasm of Young Designers (Architects/ Interior Designers/ Engineers) + Matu rity of Highly Experienced Professionals
→ Multi-skilled professional team
→ Visionary leadership
→ Believes in perfection and qualitative output
→ Importance to the client's inputs
→ Maximum output / design solutions are provided for client's satisfaction.
→ Time bound service delivery.
→ Wide network of professional consultants.
→ Experience of different and versatile scale of projects.
→ Vast array of architectural / interior / engineering documentation services.
→ Flexibility of ramping up / down team based on project requirements.

Professional Experience

Our company is successfully providing comprehensive architectural / interiors & engineering scope of services within India as well as abroad (i.e., USA, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia,and Libya). The list of our clients stretches from small scale developers to the industry giants.


  • List Of Some Major Projects in India:

    → 1000 Students Hostel at Dar-Ul-Uloom (Waqf), Deoband, (U.P.)
    → Abha Regency 4 Star Hotel, (6 storied) Ramghat Road, Aligarh.
    → Mahajan Plaza Commercial Complex, (6 storied) Ramghat Road, Aligarh.
    → Chawla Mall cum Commercial Complex, LaxmiBaiMarg, Aligarh.
    → 10+2 SS School, for Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
    → Extn. ToWomens& Boys Polytechnics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
    → Aglowmed Limited (Pharmaceutical Unit), Mumbai at Bhagwanpur
    → 150 Bed MMA JauharHospital, Nainital Road, Rampur, U.P.
    → 50 Bed Kalavati Devi Hospital, Kasganj, Etah, U.P.
    → 150 Bed BibiShakiraHospital, Amroha, U.P.
    → A. K. Medical Research Centre, YamunaVihar, New Delhi.
    → Pannalal 250 Bed Hospital, Ramghat Road, Aligarh. U.P.
    → Feroz Multi Specialty Hospital, Medical Road, Aligarh. U.P.
    → Shanti Multi Specialty Hospital, Ramghat Road, Aligarh, U.P.
    → Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (Pharmaceutical Unit), Mumbai, Bhagwanpur
    → Pro Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Indore at Bwanpur.
    → YashPharma Labs Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Mumbai,Bhagwanpur.
    → Hiral Labs Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Ahmedabad at Bhagwanpur
    → Prem Conductor (Engineering Unit), at Bhagwanpur
    → Relief Bio Tech Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), at Roorkee
    → RusiPharma Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Thane at Bhagwanpur
    → Saint Michael Biotech, (Pharmaceutical Unit), Mumbai at Manglour
    → Sun Life Sciences, (Pharmaceutical Unit), Mumbai at Manglour.
    → Amtul's Girls College, Naukutchya Tal, Nainintal, Uttarnchal.
    → S. B. Girls & Boys Degree Colleges at Amroha, U.P.
    → MerrilPharma Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Ahmedabad,Bhagwanpur
    → APS Biotech Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Surat at Bhagwanpur
    → Endolabs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., at Bhagwanpur
    → European Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), at Bhagwanpur
    → Eurolife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Bhagwanpur
    → ADIEP Formulation Pvt. Ltd., (Pharmaceutical Unit), Bhagwanpur
    → APPLE Formulations P. Ltd.(Pharmaceutical Unit), Kishanpur, Bhagwanpur
    → ALSTRONG International, (Engineering Unit),RaipurInd.Area, Bhagwanpur
    → M&K Industries, (Engineering Unit), Raipur Ind. Area, Bhagwanpur
    → Food Processing Plant of Unique Agro Industries Ltd, Ghaziabad
    → Brite Paper Products, (Engineering Unit), Bhagwanpur
    → Aligarh College of Mangmt& Engineering, Aligarh (Institutional Building)
    → Admin. Block, College of Engineering, Roorkee (COER)
    → Institute of Management Studies, Roorkee
    → Academic Blocks & Hostel, Roorkee Institute of Technology, Roorkee
    → Food Processing Plant, M/s Eagle Continental Food P.Ltd., Ghaziabad, U.P.
    → Food Processing Plant of Al-Barkat Food House, Meerut
    → U.P. Haj House & Convention Centre at Ghaziabad, U.P.
    → Aligarh Modern School, Algarh (U.P.)
    → Amardeep Seating System, Mumbai
    → Food Processing Plant of Zamzam Frozen Foods, Moradabad
    → Housing Complex of Mr. Toshniwal at Bhagwanpur, Roorkee
    → Hotel Lehar at Bhagwanpur, Roorkee
    → Hotel at Delhi Road, Roorkee
    → Institute Management Studies – Saharanpur
    → IMS – Institute of Technology, Puhana, Roorkee
    → Kalimi Trust Madrasa & College, Nawada, Bihar, India.
    → 8000 persons capacity Masjid Rasheedia, Dar UlUloom, Deoband, U.P.
    → Grand Masjid, Knowledge Park, Greater Noida, U.P.
    → Markaz& Madrasa, HazratNizamuddin, New Delhi.
    → Degree College at Siwan, Bihar,India
    → AnjumParvez Brass Factory, Moradabad, U.P.
    → Paramount Factory, Delhi Road, Moradabad, U.P.
    → Krishna Farm Houses, Mathura Virandavan Road, Aligarh.
    → High-rise Apartments for M/s Manzoor Builders, Aligarh.
    → High-rise Apartments for M/s Asrar Builders, Aligarh.
    → High-rise Apartments for M/s Unwar Tariq Builders, Aligarh.
    → NadeemTarin 500 Students Residential Hall/Hostel Complex, AMU Aligarh.
    → Qasmi Trading Factory & Residential Complex, Moradabad, U.P.
    → Rajeev Garg Metal Factory, Gular Road, Aligarh. U.P.
    → R. K. Group Factories, Gular Road, Aligarh, U.P.
    → Aligarh Modern Public School, Aligarh, U.P.
    → Iqra Public School, Aligarh, U.P.
    → MMA Jauhar Degree College & Complex, Billari, Moradabad, U.P.
    → 1500 Capacity Banquet Hall, Pakbara, Delhi Road, Moradabad, U.P.
    → Luxurious Duplex Villas Complex, Pakbara, Delhi Road, Moradabad, U.P.
    → Administrative & Dining Buildings, Dar-Ul-Uloom (Waqf), Deoband, (U.P.)
    → More than 200 Villas, Banglows, Flats and Residential Units etc.
    → More than 150 Mosques, Religious Seminaries / Madrasas etc.
    → 500 Model SS Schools (typical design) for Central Government at various places in India, (a project won through national competition)
    → Proposal of Domestic Airport at Meerut (UP), India for Ar. Tanvi Agarwal – BIM Work

  • List Of Some Major Projects (USA, UAE, KSA, Oman, Libya) Abroad

    In collaboration with Foreign Consultants or Independent:
    → 36 Luxurious Villas, Diera, Dubai, UAE.
    → Al Rashid High-rise Commercial/Residential Building, Diera, Dubai.
    → Al-Harthy Multistory Commercial Bldg, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
    → Royal College Complex, RAK Free Zone, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
    → Mazoon Apartments, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
    → Merriland Tourist Resort (Phase-1 of 8km x 8km land) at 40 km distance from Riyadh, KSA. (Project won through competition)
    → Madinah 5-Star Hotel, MadinahMunawwara, KSA.
    → General Audit Bureau Complex with 20 Storied Tower, Riyadh, KSA.
    → Red Sea Resort for HH Prince Sultan, Jeddah, KSA.
    → Al-Taiba Community Housing Project, Riyadh, KSA.
    → Mobily multistory Building,MadinahMunawwara, KSA.
    → Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosques, Ibri, Ibra, Sohar, Nizwa etc. Oman.
    → Multi-specialist Hospital, Tripoli, Libya.
    → Office Building for Ministry of Commerce, Tripoli, Libya.
    → International Medical Center, Jeddah - KSA
    → Al Taif Children's Speciality Hospital, Taif - KSA
    → AT&T Inc., Texas, United States For STRIVING DESIGN, United States – BIM Work

  • List Of Technical Person Abroad
    Designation Name
    Chief Architect & Senior Consultant M. Arshad Malik, (CA/86/10035
    Senior Architects Mubeen Malik Soheb Malik Varun Singh
    Architects & Interior Designers Sawan Chandra, B. Arch Himani Chahal, B.Arch. Amit Singh, B. Arch. AnasNihal, B.Arch. Khatib Alam, B.Arch. Rahimuddin, B.Arch
    BIM Managers Tanweer Ahmed Amit Agarwal
    Structural Engineers Sanjeev Garg, M. Tech. (Civil) Mohammad Shariq B. Tech. (Structure)
    Civil Engineers E.H. Shariq, B.E.(Civil) Rajnder Kattal, B. Tech
    MEP & Fire Safety Engineers P.K. Garg, B.Tech. (Elect.) Amitabh Kumar Singh (Mech.) Syed Nazim Azmi (MEP)
    Draftsmen (2D & 3D) Saleem Khan Gaurav Chaudhary Anil Kumar Archit Agarwal Sohaib Ahmad Talib bin Abid

Building Information Modelling ( BIM) Work Samples

Domestic Airport Terminal , Meerut , India

Domestic Airport Terminal ,Meerut , India


Clients : Aariz, Aizvi
Services Interior Designing

Interior of luxurior villa, at dammam and al-khobar, ksa

Proposed housing project at dammam, ksa

Services : Designing for oroposed housing
Year": 2013

Project Summary

The project is located on Jami'a Street, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new office building for General Auditing Bureau Headquarters shall comprise the following areas; a north lot tower which comprises the various auditing offices, and a south lot building which has auditorium, restaurant and prayer hall etc. Both North and south lots have three basements mainly for car parking.

Project Summary

The Management of Dar-ul-Uloom (Waqf), Deoband, invited us to Design and provide complete Consultancy work for the Grand Masjid for this world fame Islamic Seminary and seat of learning. The Design was very much liked and selected by the Vice-Chancellor and management committee of the Seminary. Work in full swing & 50% completed.

Project Summary

Development of a modern & landmark building reflecting the image of the company, the concept is hence based on the use of modern materials like glass & steel bracing and harmoniously blending it with the local elements like Riyadh stone, hence giving a touch of local character to the modern building. The main components are the data equipment floor, GSM equipment floor and the office floors for the personnel

→ The ground floor accommodates the SCECO room, Transformers, Genera tors and the Telephone Equipment room including reception, lobby and waiting area.
→ The mezzanine floor (with a large opening looking down to the lobby in the ground floor) visually adds volume to the entrance and accommodates the Recreation, Offices and prayer hall while also catering to the double volume space for generators.
→ The first floor accommodates the GSM equipment.
→ The 2nd floor accommodates the GSM equipment.
→ The 3rd floor accommodates the GSM equipment.
→ The 4th floor accommodates the GSM equipment.
→ The 5th floor accommodates the GSM equipment.
→ The two basements are provided with a total parking provision of 61 cars, in addition to the water tanks, pump rooms, security room & fuel storage areas.